The TriplePoint Story …

In 2006 the founder of a nation wide franchise was concerned that the franchisees were not as successful as they should be and hired us to find out why. After looking at the company we told him that he had twenty years of business processes running around in his head, but there was no way for them to get out so they were doing no one any good.

We began mapping out all of his processes and creating visual charts that could be communicated and followed. We put these on a website because that was the easiest way to make them available to the entire company. Finally, we presented the work to the founder.

He was elated. He said, "This is going to make SUCH a difference to our franchisees." His face fell when we told him that unfortunately it wouldn't make any difference at all. We explained that the first step was done, there were now processes for people to follow, but there wasn't any system to make them follow those processes. People weren't going to change the way the did things unless there was a system that walked them through the process.

We immediately started creating an interactive database system that would do just that. After finishing we saw the value of this sort of system and began making plans for a generic management system that could be configured to virtually any business. From the beginning our goal was to make the system robust enough to meet business needs but flexible enough to adapt to the company's way of doing business. We believed it was wrong to expect businesses to change the way they do things just to accommodate a computer system.

The Triple Point AdvantageTM now has over 60 different modules which can be assembled as needed to meet the needs of any business. We are very proud of what we have created and would love to have an opportunity to show you how it can save you time, money and stress.