“An organization is only as effective as its processes.”
Geary Rummler

The Importance of Business Processes?

External Requirements

Sometimes you don't have a choice. There are government regulations regarding financial management. There are regulated industries that require you to define, validate and follow business processes. There are certifications (ISO, Trade Organizations, etc.) that may be required or at least expected.

Internal Arguments

Even in the absence of requirements for defined processes, there are sound business reasons.

No matter how talented, creative and dedicated your people are they need some framework of consistency to work together. Without some sort of defined process no one knows what others are doing. They can't anticipate and they can't complement each other's efforts.

Relying on creativity and hard work, you may sometimes do great things, but without a sound process you can't repeat those wins. As Mark Sanborn said, “Better to be consistently good than occasionally great.”

Defining, Optimizing and Documenting Processes

At Giffordson Solutions we have developed skills in working with your staff to clearly define your processes and then document and systematize them for continued consistency.